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Jumat, 17 Desember 2010

EZU Profile

                     EZU is a simple twistly concept by two guys who loved Electronic Music, they are Ucog A.K.A. Julian and Zamronny. Influenced by Karftwerk in 70's up to the latest one Owl City.But in the journey of their musicality has been inspired by many influences of others musician such as The Smiths, Coldplay, and Post Rock genre 'till the Post Punk Movement. As well to make some harmonization on the sound, they have Erwin to fill the Guitar part in order that are mentioned the name of EZU for the band which is initialized by our name Erwin, Zamronny, Ucog A.K.A. Julian.

                      EZU is also is the name one of the Lake in Japan. EZU in Nigerian Language means : "That's All You Give". That is the way that we choose to put the Spirit, Friendship, Nature, and Life as a part of our Lyrics Loudly, which can create the Brilliant Positif Idea without has any Polaric Emotion and more. Intense to unity in simplicity we need the Feminine figure in EZU. Trying to throw out the Transgender Issues in our Country, that Man and Woman have a same right in any Profession. Dara is a woman DJ blended with EZU as a tough woman but still has a feminine side replaced Zamronny.

                      Now, EZU are Ucog A.K.A. Julian as a voices, Dara as a DJ and Programming and also helped by the great additional guitar and drum's for EZU live performances.

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